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A 100 holocausts couldn't come close to the amount of people that have suffered or have been murdered under it's name.
It has been reported that there has been over 4000 religions since man began to open his big mouth, claiming he was the right one, and his God the only one(s).
Most people that are followers of a particular faith don't fully even know, or want to know, the actual roots of their religion, nor are able to question their hierarchy regarding doctrine, practices, roots of ritual, or the fact that their faith parallels dozens of others, Yet they are taught to discriminate others beliefs, and in Gods name act out the most heinous of crimes on a regular.(as long as you confess you're good to go!)
It blows my mind that still to this day the bullshit is passed on and ingested by billions.
If you pray, he(it) will help...................WRONG !!!
You're on your own, just ask the millions and millions praying prior to their execution by an opposing member of faith.


I don't subscribe, to some blind faith to guide me through my life. I know it's me, that sets my course on everything.
I know now that I'm my own god.
How can there be any peace from a brutal warring species, that has been obsessed with blowing itself to pieces.
Were so advanced, and yet were so savage. You live for your Lord, then rape, kill, and ravage.
How is there peace from a warring species ?
We have only come so far, and now were at a standstill. When the doctrine and the Gods, are reasons to go kill.
How many have died for all these religions ? If this has been pleasing your God....your God is a demon.
On and on we'll kill for faith. What proof shows your right anyway ?
You're no better off than me.


from Silence Speaks The Most Deafening Of Truths, released December 19, 2012



all rights reserved


BOUND BY DEFIANCE Toronto, Ontario

"BOUND BY DEFIANCE" features ex-members of, Birth Of Hate, Always Die Fighting, Minority, and Monster Voodoo Machine, to say a few. Being older guys it was our intention to create an "old school" sounding album, with a positive vibe, have every song strike a chord, both sonically and mentally and be able to look back on this effort as an audio-phonic manual for remaining on the right path. ... more

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