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I wanted to write a song that every person would be able to relate to. And that one thing is the fundamental modern human existence known as WORK. Obviously in this society you have to contribute, and in that process get paid for doing so, however; the middle to lower class system is designed so you can never get ahead. Housing and rents constantly rise, fuel is being consumed in record quantities prompting outrageous prices, food and clothing is marked up way above the profit line, etc., etc., etc.,and you remain to be paid the same ??? ! We end up having to choose more and more work, and less and less self and family. If they keep you down and busy, you won't tend to think about anything outside your hamster wheel. Before you know it you'll be 65, collecting a pension with only one story to talk about.......WORK.


Dragging your ass, just to get up. Work like a slave, all just for a buck. Working so hard, just to pay bills. Succumbed to the stress, with booze, smoke, and some more pills.
*Somethings' wrong in society, when we see work more than family. When you're home, they're in bed, the bills are paid but you feel dead.
The pays too low, the rents' too high, the hours too long. Now work overtime. Put in that time. No time to play. The kids have all grown, now they've all moved away. *
Bustin' your ass, trying to stay afloat. With no time for them, your at each others throats. One step forward, another two steps back. You got a raise today, and then they upped tax. Family is second, cause the dollar is first. A system crudely designed to keep blue collars cursed.
Damn too many years we've watched pass by. Lost sight of ourselves, all in the endless struggle to survive.


from Silence Speaks The Most Deafening Of Truths, released December 19, 2012



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BOUND BY DEFIANCE Toronto, Ontario

"BOUND BY DEFIANCE" features ex-members of, Birth Of Hate, Always Die Fighting, Minority, and Monster Voodoo Machine, to say a few. Being older guys it was our intention to create an "old school" sounding album, with a positive vibe, have every song strike a chord, both sonically and mentally and be able to look back on this effort as an audio-phonic manual for remaining on the right path. ... more

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