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With over 20 years in Hardcore I wanted a song to convey my past and present in it, and pay my respects and gratitude to those who were always there. The ones that kept me going through thick and thin, and were my inspiration, and at times, my psychotherapists.
At one time I had sold all my belongings just to survive.
Minus a skateboard, Walkman, a backpack full of clothes, and my prized Hardcore tapes and CDs.
That music I was to never part with.


When I was homeless, hungry, and helpless, Hardcore was always there. All alone, wanting to kill myself, when noone seemed to care. Was always wasted on drugs, and hated every part of life. To know some others felt the same, it got me through the night.
Young in my room crankin' tunes, or with headphones in the street. Anytime was the right time, whether in anger or peace. I owe a lot to all those bands that I loved so very deep, you were there through all my life and I thank you gratefully.
When I matured, got clean and cured, Hardcore was always there. New outlook, I released the hooks, opened up a new frontier. Now I'm patient, dropped the hatred, and buried my old life. But one thing remained the same, I kept Hardcore in my mind.


from Silence Speaks The Most Deafening Of Truths, released December 19, 2012



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BOUND BY DEFIANCE Toronto, Ontario

"BOUND BY DEFIANCE" features ex-members of, Birth Of Hate, Always Die Fighting, Minority, and Monster Voodoo Machine, to say a few. Being older guys it was our intention to create an "old school" sounding album, with a positive vibe, have every song strike a chord, both sonically and mentally and be able to look back on this effort as an audio-phonic manual for remaining on the right path. ... more

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